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Bangladesh Armed Forces means Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, and Bangladesh Air Force. They look for young gentlemen and women willing to take challenging career and leadership as officer. Promising young and energetic men/women of high humane quality with required educational standard and character traits are welcome to join Bangladesh Armed Forces. Before we learn on the basic qualifications required to join armed forces as commissioned officers let us know more about our armed forces and types of commissions.

Types of Commissions
Officers in the Bangladesh Armed Forces are two types; Longe Course (Permanent Commission) Officers and Short Course (Short Service Commission) Officers. Long Course Officers apply after passing HSC or A Level, join Military Academies to undergo 3 years Long Course Training and get commissioned as Lieutenants. Short Course Officers apply after passing Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in various disciplines.
Officers can retire from service on completion of age or service limits. Their service limit and age limit differs from rank to rank. However, officers may also apply to resign their commissions or retire voluntarily for private reasons, but the Government will be the sole authority to accept or reject such applications.

Bangladesh Army
The Bangladesh Army (Bangladesh Senabahini) is the land force and the largest component of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Combat Arms, Combat Support and Combat Service Support are three administrative branches of Bangladesh Army.
Combat Arms includes Infantry and Armoured Corps as Fighting Arms; and Regiment of Artillery as supporting Arms. Infantry comprises the East Bengal Regiment (EBR), Bangladesh Infantry Regiment (BIR), and Para-Commando Brigade.
Combat Support Arms includes Army Aviation, Air Defense Artillery, Corps of Engineers, Military Intelligence, and Corps of Signals.
Combat Service Support Services includes Corps of Military Police, Army Services Corps, Ordnance Corps, Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Army Education Corps, Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps, Armed Forces Nursing Services, Army Corps of Clerks, Judge Advocate General’s Department, Military Band, Remounts, Veterinary and Farms Corps, and Ministry of Defence Constabulary.
Officers of the Combat Arms and Combat Support Arms in the army are usually Longe Course Officers. Short Course Officers join the Combat Support Arms and Combat Service Support Services as specialist professionals. Bangladesh Army needs promising young men/women of right quality, educational potentiality and character traits for its Officers Corps. Army is a career of honour and dignity with challenging leadership. As an officer in the Bangladesh Army, you will be heir to a glorious tradition.

Bangladesh Navy
The Bangladesh Navy (Bangladesh Nou Bahini) is the naval force of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Executive Branch, Engineering Branch, Supply Branch, Electrical Branch, Education Branch, and Medical Branch are six administrative branches of Bangladesh Navy.
Six types of service are authorized for Bangladesh Navy officers: Permanent Commissioned Officers, Short Service Commissioned Officers, Naval Reserve Officers, Naval Volunteer Reserve Officer, and Promoted Officers. Permanent Commissioned Officers are the mainstream of officers. The normal method of recruitment of these officers is through Cadet entry. Officer cadets join the Navy together and undergo the same training schedule including ships training for 2 years. After 2 years, they are commissioned in different branches.

Bangladesh Air Force
The Bangladesh Air Force (Bangladesh Biman Bahini) is the air force of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Operations & Training, Administration, Maintenance, and Plannings are four branches of Bangladesh Air Force. However, officers are recruited in the branches of General Duties (Pilot), General Duties (Navigator), Engineering, Logistic, Administrative, Air Traffic Control, Air Defence Weapons Controllers, Education, Legal, Accounts, and Meteorological.
There are Regular Flight Cadets who join after passing HSC/equivalent. However, the educational qualification for Direct Entry Cadets in a specific branch will be minimum Bachelor Degree or equivalent from any recognized university/college/institute specified discipline.

Basic Qualifications Required to Join Armed Forces
You will see the job circular for joining Bangladesh Armed Forces in print and electronic media. It is usually circulated twice in a year. You can also browse following websites for the ongoing job circulars:
For Bangladesh Army:
For Bangladesh Navy:
For Bangladesh Air Force:

You must be smart enough to read the job circulars minutely. Every information you need to apply is already given there. You must browse the websites well too. There are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section with every site and help line numbers are also given there to assist and guide you during the registration, application and selection process. However, a consolidated chart of basic qualifications is given below to assess your eligibility to apply as a candidate to join armed forces.
Check it out!

If you have abovementioned qualifications, you are indeed eligible to apply as a candidate to join Bangladesh Armed Forces.
Now, in the subsequent chapter we shall know about the first step of the officer selection process which includes a preliminary medical and a preliminary interview.
Happy reading ahead!

Delwar Hossain Khan (Del H Khan)
দেলোয়ার হোসেন খান (ডেল এইচ খান)

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